About us


At North Aware we know that if you want to create the world’s best clothing brand, you need to ask the right questions. Questions like,

If we use the best quality materials available on the planet to create our products, do they have to be out of ordinary person’s reach?

Can we create a brand that offers truly groundbreaking fashion designs, and still not be considered “designer”?

How can we consistently create transformative, trend-setting products that make our customers, look and feel amazing?

Everyone at North Aware understands that our goal is to find answers to these questions, every day.

Our design process begins by considering the needs of the end user. We know that if we create products that we would use and love, then odds are pretty good that other people will love them too. We are not just another clothing brand. Our goal is not to endlessly expand our product lines with mediocre designs. We are not going to be everything for everyone.

Instead, we focus on building a community that knows what quality, design and innovation mean to us. A community, that understands that when they choose North Aware, they are getting the best deal, every time. Period.