Our Story

Our story starts when the founder Jamil Khan, a software engineer came up with an idea of creating a winter coat that is fully equipped to save people from cold and North Aware was founded with one simple goal in mind: to create the best, most fashionable and innovative clothing in the world. In 2016, Smart Parka was launched on Kickstarter and became the most funded campaign in CAD ever, raising $3.25M.

Smart Parka is the first winter coat with built-in gloves, built-in scarf, hat pocket, tech pockets, glasses pocket, length extension and a removable liner.

We dream of creating a company where aesthetics and innovation can merge to create products that are unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. More than anything, we work to be the best in everything we do. All day. Every day. We mean it.

Our founder comes from the world of tech startups, and we’ve taken that startup methodology and applied it to the clothing industry in ways that have never been considered before. This means challenging key assumptions. Exploring new possibilities. Pursuing our singular objective with deep focus and boundless creativity.

This is who we are. This is what we do. We hope you like it.