Assets of North Aware Inc. acquired by First Imperial Holding Corp.

On August 21, 2019, North Aware Inc. went into receivership and the appointed receiver auctioned all the assets including inventory, physical assets and intellectual property to recover the monies for the lenders. 
The above-mentioned assets were bought by First Imperial Holding Corp. a Canadian corporation. 
North Aware Inc. is not operational anymore.  All the assets of the company have been taken over by the First Imperial Holding Corp. 
What does that mean to you?
For Lenders
If you are a lender who North Aware Inc. owe money to, please contact the receiver of the company. All the assets were auctioned and secured creditors received 100% of the recovered amount. If you are an unsecured creditor, you should receive a letter from the receiver. If you have not received a letter, please contact the receiver at
For Customers
If you are a customer who has purchased any products from North Aware Inc. before Sep 1, 2019, First Imperial Holding Corp. is not legally obligated to provide any support but we would like to do our best to resolve any issues.
If North Aware owes you money, unfortunately, we cannot help. You will have to contact the receiver and claim the amount as a debt, just like a lender. Please send an email to to get on the list.
If you ordered something and never received, we would love to resolve the issue by sending you the ordered products given that we have the inventory available. 
If you have a warranty claim, we might be able to help. 
If your order was placed after Sep 1, 2019 (Order numbers starting with "UNA"), you are a customer of First Imperial Holding Inc. and this notice is not for you. please contact for any support regarding your order.
Is North Aware Bankrupt?
No, it is not. North Aware is a brand name and a trademark so it has been purchased as an asset. North Aware Inc. which is a corporation is not in business anymore. 
Will North Aware Continue?
Yes. The brand North Aware is a promising brand that has created some amazing products. We will be continuing the brand and try to resolve the issues that were holding up the brand from becoming a household name. We will also be launching some new products that will be as creative as it’s initial products.
If you have any questions regarding this, please feel free to contact us at