What sizes do Smart Parkas come in?
Our Men's sizes for Smart Parkas range from S to 3XL
Our Women's sizes for Smart Parkas range from XS to 2XL
How do I find the right sizing?
Click here to download our sizing chart.
How are your products temperature rated?
Different people feel temperature differently so it is very hard to give an accurate estimate. But as a general rule, here are some ballpark guidelines.

For Smart Parka
Without the lining, our coats are good from 5C to -15C. Temperature rating for our coats with the lining is -15C to -25C.

For Smart Parka 1.0.
Smart Parka 1.0. will work fine at 5C to -15C. You can always wear a sweater underneath in colder temperatures.

For Smart Parka 1.0. Select
Smart Parka 1.0. Select will work fine at -5C to -40C. You can always wear a sweater underneath in colder temperatures.
Does Smart Parka 1.0. has removable lining and length extension?
For Smart Parka 1.0. we decided to get rid of the length extension and lining. The reason was mostly aesthetic. We wanted our coats to have less moving parts and a solid look and presence. We found the length extension to be less appealing and most feedback was not positive. Removable lining, although a great idea, in theory, doesn’t change much of the practicality and makes the coat look subpar. In Smart Parka 1.0. we focused more on improving the quality of the features that actually make it a great coat, like gloves, scarf, fabric, water resistance and insulation.
What is the insulation in the coats?
For Smart Parka 1.0.
Smart Parka 1.0. has downline synthetic insulation. It will give you a feeling as if it’s a down coat. But it’s less warm than Smart Parka Select.

For Smart Parka 1.0. Select
Smart Parka 1.0. Select has 90/10 RDS (Responsible Down Standard) white duck down with 650 fill power. This quality of down is only used in high premium coats.
Do you use real fur on your coats?
We only use faux fur (synthetic fur) on our coats, as we firmly believe that real fur does not increase protection against cold and we do not support the killing of animals for simply decorative purposes. With that said, our faux fur on Smart Parka 1.0. is much bigger than the previous version and it’s pretty close to the look and feel of the real fur. It looks great!
Are all your coats animal free?
No. We use duck down and leather gloves with 100% Cashmere lining in Smart Parka 1.0. Select. Our Smart Parka 1.0. is 100% animal free.
Which colors are available in each style?
All our coats come in Black, Hunter Green, Galaxy Blue and Candy Red.
Is the Smart Parka machine washable?
No, our coats are dry clean only.
What is the Center Back Length of your coats?
Center Back Length of Men’s Classic and Vogue is 36” for Large.
Center Back Length of Men’s Bomber is 29” for Large.
Center Back Length of all Women’s coats is 34” for Medium.
What is your refund policy?
For Pre-orders
If you are pre-ordering your coat, you can cancel and get a full refund anytime. Three weeks before the shipping date, we lock all orders and your order will become a Regular Order. To get a refund for your pre-order, simply send an email to info@northaware.com

Regular Orders
You can return your products to North Aware anytime within 30 days of receiving your products. Make sure that the tags are intact and the products are unused. Shipping and Handling fee will not be refunded and we do not provide shipping labels for returns. If you are not in USA or Canada, unfortunately, we do not accept returns due to costs incurred from customs and duties. North Aware reserves the right, at its discretion, to refuse a refund if the products are found to be used or damaged.

To initiate a refund, please click here. You will get instructions on how and where to send the products back and we will issue you a RAN (Return Authorization Number). Please DO NOT send the products back to the address it was sent from and without the RAN (Return Authorization Number).
What is your exchange policy?
You can exchange the products for a different size (or color in some cases) depending on availability within 30 days after you receive them. If you received a different product than what you ordered, we will provide a shipping label for the exchange. If your products have workmanship issues, we will provide a return shipping label for the exchange. Shipping labels will not be provided for regular exchanges. We will not charge you our shipping cost to send the product in case of an exchange.

If you are not in USA or Canada, we need to charge for any costs incurred in processing your exchange including but not limited to customs, duties, and shipping.
What’s the warranty on the coats?
We have a 10-year warranty on workmanship and manufacturing defects.